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Posted on 23. Oct, 2012 in Asian, Chefs, Chicago, Logan Square, Owners, Street Food

Matthias has spent most of two decades cooking and living in Chicago, most notably as the Executive Chef of Charlie Trotter’s for the past 14 years. Matthias has mentored some of the most talented and respected professionals in the restaurant industry.

About Yusho

Street food is the great equalizer—no glamour required. Yakitori, when well-executed, is about the simple flavors of authentic street food. A hot grill provides intense flavors from seasonal proteins and vegetables, grilled to order over a chattering, hissing fire. Beer, wine and sake selections compliment the fresh-grilled flavors. Craft cocktails, wines and spirits are chosen for customized meal pairings. Experiment and discover!

Yusho 2853 N Kedzie Ave / (773) 904-8558

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  1. ♥ the @davidchang reference!
    RT “@ChatChowTV: NEW #CHICAGO EPISODE: Yakitori, Ramen & other street food @YushoChicago”

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  2. Candyce P. (@dulcita518)

    23. Oct, 2012

    NEW #CHICAGO @ChatChowTV EPISODE: Talking about (and tasting!) Yakitori, Ramen and more w @matthiasmerges @yushochicago

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    23. Oct, 2012

    so much good news today! @matthiasmerges on chat chow tv: and our episode of check please airs 10/26 at 8PM!

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  4. Double Whammy “@yushochicago: so much good news today @matthiasmerges on @chatchowtv: and @CheckpleaseDave
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